And it probably doesn’t surprise anyone who knows us. This is my “new” 2011 Nissan Cube S. I wanted the base model, no options, no fancy frills, just pure asymmetry to play with. We also made sure to find a manual transmission (the CVTs have far too many issues).

For the record, it’s current colour is “Ginger Peach.”
This is a surprisingly normal front end. We’re going to have to make some changes…
That’s a better view. Asymmetry is awesome.
The lack of symmetry can drive other drivers nuts.
I say it’s one of the few cars on the road that’s actually distinct.

To be fair, this is actually the beginnings of one of my dream cars. That may sound odd, but it’s true. I drive a lot with this job. And I mean a lot, so there’s a bizarre list of things my main vehicle has to do. 1. Fun to drive 2. Can fit my show 3. Isn’t an SUV or Minivan (gas prices) 4. Could make others giggle. Items 1 to 3 are fairly easy to fill. Item 4 is much harder to achieve, but that is the beauty of art cars.

We’re delighted it is in the driveway. We have a lot of fun plans for our little new Cube. As it turns into something far more whimsical, we’ll be posting our latest modification. Most of them will be artistic…