Yuck! Nissan Cube’s seem to be prone to having their seats mounts rust. It’s a known issue for these little cars in Northern Canada. Our snow and salt encrusted boots can really build up the junk right in these spaces. I have yet to get into a Cube that hasn’t had this same issue (or many other older cars). Given the challenges of this year, this delayed project made me nervous. Would there be issues with the floor boards too?

Rusty seat mounts

After a struggle and some solid force, the bolts came out. Amusingly, the good condition bolts at the back were way harder to remove then the rusty ones, and fortunately our friends at Extreme Auto managed to pop them out. The underside of the seats are cleaned, sanded, and then painted. I don’t think Whimsy had a lot of back seat passenger, if ever, before arriving with us here. That seat seems to be like new in ever aspect.

After giving the floor a solid inspection and good news! There are no rust issues, it was just the seats mounts that had visible surface rust.

Painted seat mounts

It looks much better now, and I don’t have to worry about a developing hole that I wouldn’t be able to see. And yes, those tree leaves get everywhere. I’ll need to vacuum and wash the mats down again…

Painted winter rims look way nicer! Winter rims tend to take a massive a beating, so this was more of a preventative quick clean up then anything else.

What’s Next? The Whimsical Art!

There’s nothing particularly fancy to see here, but I see it as a historic moment: The rust removal phase is complete! Given where Whimsy started, this is a great feeling. My youngest and I have been itching to get to the art phase of the car, and now we finally can. He is sure we need ejector seats for all four seats (passengers be warned), but I’m fairly sure we will settle on a rocket launch system instead. I look forward to a winter with doodling designs.

Tidy Car