Good thing this car isn’t remotely bashful, with many parts removed it is a somewhat revealing experience. As with all older items (houses especially), one never knows what kind of surprises are found when you start peering behind a wall

Fortunately, so far so good! The things that are in need of repair are expected. There is still a lot to do, but the bumpers are off, the roof is being sanded, little dents are being removed, the gas flap works again, and we just dropped off the first of the custom parts!

The back bumper was just starting to go, so this is good timing to get in and get it cleaned up. One thing about those plastic cover parts, they hide a lot of what is happening underneath.

Stone chips are being fully treated. and in some cases some parts will be sandblasted and properly protected. The light for the back licence plate seems to have taken the more exposure.

Whimsy is enjoying being in a garage of classic cars. I think it may start developing a small ego that it belongs in the same category (technically it has another 10 years to go before that happens).

Next week Whimsy will be travelling out of this shop and on to her next appointment. There are a lot more appointments to go (at least 4 over the next 6 months that I can think of so far, not including work that we are doing).

The experiment is already succeeding. Under budget, on time (so far), and cheaper then anything new by a long shot.

Also way more fun.