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Ontario – See if you manage to build a machine that
catches the Mouse!

Teaching science in an entertaining way can be hard. Young audiences are not always keen to learn about Physics, Forces and Simple Machines.

One thing is for sure – no one wants the kids to say they find science boring. Right? Well, It doesn’t have to be boring at all. It can actually be fun!

The “How to Catch a Mouse Simple Machines at Work” show actually teaches kids at age 5 and up the science behind simple machines. They can have fun while learning with examples that are unforgettable!

This show has received great reviews from schools all over the USA and is now finally available in Canada, exclusively through Drew Ripley Entertainment!

It is a known fact that when kids experience a principle in a show, they will understand it better. Well, add some exploration and laughter to it, and you’ve got a winning formula.

This show was specifically adapted for the Ontario Grade School Curriculum and it is approved by Ontario teachers!

Book this highly entertaining science show that delights grade school audiences, and let’s give your kids the gift of critical science knowledge with a good dose of whimsical exploration and silly antics.

What will the Kids Learn

The Mousetrap Machine Show is a science assembly STEAM program that combines Science, Math and Art to teach students about how five simple machines work:






Murphy the Mouse is causing havoc in the house! The kids have to build a ridiculous mouse trap before it is too late. Many student volunteers are used to aid in the construction of this working machine. Student knowledge of how machines work and their eagerness to set their trap in motion makes this an enjoyable show for everyone involved.

Will they do it?
Will Murphy the Mouse get caught?

Who is this for?

This show is for you if you are located in Ontario and you can relate to one of the following:

We are a School that loves educational science shows (grade 2-6)

We are a Library that needs creative science content

We are a Museum that desires a new interactive event

The top acquired skills and benefits of this show are:

Working Together

Problem Solving Skills

Using Common Objects

Learning Science Terms

3 most popular packages

Enjoy a wonderful educational show for one classroom or Library!

Save on travel and set up time by having two fabulous shows!

We will perform as many educational interactive science shows as we can squeeze in for one amazing price!

“It was a great time, because we caught the mouse in the room!”

Wesley, GRADE 2

“I think you did an awesome job.”

Ava Belle, GRADE 3

“If I would rate the show, I would rate it five out of five stars.”




Drew put on a fantastic show at the St. Marys Public Library for our Summer Reading Program. He kept the children entertained for the entire time and the auditorium was full of laughter for the full 45 minutes. He is an excellent and responsible performer that you are bound to enjoy.

Christina Donati

Drew Ripley as an entertainer is top notch. We always invite him to our annual Hohner Avenue Porch Party, and he does something different to keep the neighbourhood kids in awe year after year. I would recommend him to any group whether it be kids or adults, small groups or large groups.

Jessie Eulenberg

Drew was amazing! For my daughter's tenth birthday we decided on a circus theme with balloons, clown noses and Drew! The kids loved him almost as much as the adults! Funny, playful, silly and super talented; he made the day amazing. Worth every penny. Thanks Drew!

Nikki Tremblay

Everyone loved the show, so creative and different. I booked him for my son's 1st birthday and so glad I did. Great for both adults and children. Drew handled the excited kids very well. He was professional and flexible. I will recommend Drew Ripley Entertainment to everyone!!!

Mallory Matt


Questions and Answers

Does this assembly fit into our school’s curriculum?

Yes! The Mousetrap Machine show was updated and reviewed to fit the Ontario School Scinece Curriculum, especially Grades 2, 3 and 5.

How long is the show, and how much space do you need?

Each show is approximately 45 minutes long. A minimum of 20 feet by 8 feet is required for the performance. Higher ceilings (8 feet +) can lead to more hilarity. This can increase with the size of the audience. The show fits into most School Libraries for 1 or 2 classes, or a small gym for more than 2 classes.

Who made the original show?

In 1996 Larry Moss wrote “How to Catch a Mouse” as a presentation for a single elementary school class. The response to the first performance was so positive that Larry decided this concept needed to be developed further for larger audiences. It evolved from a simple presentation to a theatrical stage show suitable for elementary school assembly programs and children’s museums.

We are a small school, can we have one show for the entire school?

Of course and everyone will have a fun time! To get the most educational value, we may recommend a number of shows depending on the age range and overall audience size.

What do we need to provide?

The show is self contained! All we will need is a standard power outlet, 60 minutes of setup time, the performance space as listed, and kids who are ready to have fun!

Are there follow up materials?

Yes! Check out our “class resources” at the bottom of the page or click here for downloadable content designed to help review the material in the classroom!

How far in advance do we need to book a show?

Drew can book as much as a year in advance, but also have some dates open only 4 weeks before, so it just depends on what other dates have already been booked. It’s best to have two or three dates available so that you are able to get something that works for you.

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