Balloons Twisting

Experience the magic of a balloon transformed into anything imaginable! Just like a magician, be blown away by what can be achieved in moments.  Drew’s skilled team of Award Winning, World Competition level artists can make almost anything before your guests eyes.

Balloon Twisting – Premium Twister 🎈

Reconnect with family and friends while we entertain your youngest and young at hearts with a balloon bonanza. Get their imaginations soaring with a massive balloon battle, or perhaps fantasy dress up, or even become brave explorers in an unknown universe.


Birthday Packages

Birthday Balloon Twisting – 60 Minutes 🎩

Birthdays are super fun, and Drew makes them extra special with kinetic balloon toys AND balloon twisting. This is premium balloon twisting at it’s finest where the birthday guests can ask for anything! Sure, the little fox is cool, but can we make something much bigger?

If all you want is a quick balloon twister for a birthday event, this is not for you. If you want to see incredible balloons, start here. 

Balloon Extravaganza – 90 minutes 🦄

We’re going wild with ALL the balloons this time. Drew will bring a pile of crazy balloon toys including giant balloons, whirly gigs, and whistle makers! In addition to those, he’s also going to twist balloons into anything imaginable.

At the very end, a giant 6 foot balloon will capture Drew, and as he manages to find his way out with I giant explosion, he will be holding a toy of your choice for the birthday child. Drew can even manipulate himself and the balloon in smaller rooms!

IF you want your party to be entertained for a solid 90 minutes, where everyone leaves from giggle fits, this is Drew’s specialty for your person’s special day! 

Popular animals include Dogs, Unicorns, and Teddy Bears! Just ask if there’s something specific you would like to give the birthday child. Almost any animal can be selected with advance notice.

This illusion was invented by Drew and remains unique in the industry. It is the memorable moment for any child’s birthday.

The Balloon Making Machine Show – Birthday Edition 🎂

This one-of-a-kind memorable show will wow children and adults at their next birthday!

Think of this show like a magic show, except that every stage involves balloons. Drew infuses the show with humour and creativity, sparking the imagination of audience members as they are pulled on stage to become part of the experience.

In addition, Drew will stay and provide balloon, and balloon toys for the kids in attendance (up to 20 participants, don’t worry we know that’s a best guess).

This is the premium 2 hour package!

Check out the Balloon Making Machine live show…

Drew is such a talented entertainer! His integrity and leadership qualities make him so trustworthy, approachable and easy to work with. Drew is great for birthday parties, or for those special corporate events.

Lisa Reaume