live Shows

The Balloon Making Machine

Perfect for any celebration big or small.

This new one-of-a-kind live show will wow children and adults at your next event.

Think of this show like a magic show, except that every stage involves balloons. Drew infuses the show with humour and creativity, sparking the imagination of audience members as they are pulled on stage to become part of the experience.

Theatre of Whimsy

Perfect for Theatre, Fairs & Festivals.

The Theatre of Whimsy offers an exclusive sneak peek into the silly world of performance art. Come watch an actual Doctor, an Idiot, and a Teacher, all perform with one simple rule:

Each performance must use at least one balloon.

Debuted in 2019 in the Creative Capital of Canada, this theatre based show is now available!   

*Launching in 2021*

How to Catch A Mouse

Perfect for Schools, Camps, Libraries, Fairs & Festivals.

Balloons are used to construct a Rube Goldberg-style mousetrap which is intended to solve the problem of a mouse on the loose. Many volunteers are used to assist in the construction of the machine. The audience and volunteers are eager to set the trap in motion.

Specifically Designed for the school curriculum, this show was developed by Larry Moss and is now taught in many countries. It is a fun way to talk about simple machines!

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